My current lipstick collection! (Minus One new lipstick!)

Hello guys! So one of my most requested posts to do is a makeup collection.

I figured that going and showing you pictures of all my makeup in one post would be really long and really irrelevant so I decided to slowly post different sections of my collection. Like I’d do my current blush collection one post, then some other time, I’d do my current lipgloss collections. Kwim?

Either way, I’d be able to show swatches and give you a little overview review on each product rather then just seeing a mash of products I may or may not actually use regularly.

Today, I’m posting about my lipsticks!

Drawer Overview

I keep my lipsticks in a smaller drawer system, originally they were in the same drawer as my lip glosses, but I kind of ran out of room. Either way, the drawer above the lipsticks are eyeshadow bases and the drawer below are tinted moisturizers. (This system is just compiled of products that no longer fit in drawer they originally were in!)

MAC Lipsticks

in order from left to right.

Vivaglam Gaga 2

Love Lorn

Creme Cup

Creme De La Femme

I love Winter

Brave Red

(Non photographed!) Brave (I got it the day after photographing this.)

Dior DiorAddict Lipsticks

(my all time favorite lipsticks!!! The berry is much less sheer on the lips)

I own, 214 (beige) and 797 (Berry Red)

Misc. Drugstore Lipsticks

Revlon Pink Pout

NYX Paris

BeChic Coffee

Loreal Fairest Nude

Wet & Wild 547b

Urban Decay Lipstick

Midnight Cowboy

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