Dust Bowl Dances

Our Poets read from scripts to earn they’re pay

I said exit stage left, there is nothing else to say’

This is just an update, because I’ve been absent for the past while.

So exactly what have I been doing in my life as of late?

Well, for starters, my training schedule as been really hectic. I’m an ice dancer and skate at the Pond Figure Skating Club (this link takes you to the recent competitions photo page: http://pondfsc.com/competitions.html), but my partner and I represent Great Britain. The British nationals are later this month, and training has just been crazy. We start at 8:20am don’t get home until 2 the afternoon, and by then all I really want to do is sit around and play  video games. lol.

My band, Moment of Truth, has been getting more gigs, we’re playing one in ilke two weeks and we just played a halloween gig.

MW3. Need I say more? Yeah, getting my practice in on MW2 before the 8th! My boyfriend/partner and I got our coaches to let use take Tuesday off so we can go to the midnight release and stay up all night playing. Let me tell you, Modern Warfare 3 has kind of taken over my life and it’s not even out yet. (for those of you who read my blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, t’s an extremely popular video game that is amazing)

We fell in love by the side of the road

This desert will break you down

So what is gonna happen to The Glossette?

I still love making this blog, but a few changes are going to happen.

I’m going to start doing more blogs. I mean, like real, non beauty related blogs, just because writing rids my fear and stress and empties my mind more then anything else, so if you see poems or rants on this site in the upcoming weeks, it’s because I’m using my blog to clear my mind and fill my heart.

Other then that, I’m going to start posting more often, only difference is, I lost the camera I used for tutorials and looks, so I won’t be able to post hi-res photos of the final eye looks like I was able to before.

You say you speak from your heart

But your hearts all gone

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