Ten Things I Look for in a Guy

I was browsing Elleandblair.com recently and saw a thread about the top 10 things you look for in a guy, and well, I thought this called for a blog post. And so, here you go!

1. Needs to have a great sense of humor and doesn’t take things too seriously.

Jokes are my specialty and I want someone who I can joke around with. Okay, so maybe I have the humor of a teenaged boy’s (I can’t help, but laugh at ‘that’s what she said’ joke!), but as long as they have a sense of humor I think we’d get along. I also don’t take anything seriously. Nothing. I just can’t take life seriously, we’re all gonna die anyways, why not make it a party? I want a guy who can laugh at life as well.

2. Needs to make me feel special.

I think all girls want someone who will make them feel special. Sending goodnight and goodmorning texts and telling a girl she is beautiful are something that all girls just want. Saying ‘I love you’ and things like that are all things that will make a girl feel like the most important person ever.

3. Needs to want to spend time with me.

I don’t want to feel like the clingy girlfriend no-one can stand so if your not excited to try to be around me or the first one to start a text conversation, I’ll most likely just give you space. If you want to be around, please be a gentleman and invite me to join you.

4. Has a good music taste.

Music is one of the most important things to me and so I want my boyfriend to enjoy most of the same music as I do. You know, it gives us more we have in common and another date night to see the local bands at the local venues. I like dupstep and rock, but enjoy acoustic alternative music as well. I like some rap such as eminem, and hollywood undead, but prefer you to enjoy Dupstep and rock’n’roll with me.

5. Needs to be protective.

A guy who won’t start a fight, but will stand up in one when someone he cares about is hurting. I would like him to care for me and protect me.

6. Needs to be comforting and caring.

I’m not gonna lie, I might use you as a shoulder to cry on after a bad day, if your okay with that and will help me cheer up I think we’ll be cool.

7. Needs to be fun and carefree.

I really would rather a guy not be the goody-two-shoes. I mean seriously, I swear and rebel over things. It’s just my carefree nature and I’d want my boyfriend to be the same. We need to have similar actions to get along. kwim?

8. BE YOUR SELF. Don’t shop only at abercrombie.

I just don’t like abercrombie and hollister and would rather not be with someone who ONLY shops there. Veriety is key. Be yourself.

9. Can be playful with me, as well as loving. Needs to be able to be my bestfriend and lover.

I want to be able to goof off with you and play playstation and xbox with you, but also have that love for eachother where we can sit on the coach and snuggle!

10. Needs to be polite to people, (but can be a rude sarcastic person when your joking with friends. as long as he’s truely only joking)

Not much to say about that!

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