Perfect Picks: How to Pick the perfect Lipstick

There are so many beautiful lipsticks out there, that finding the perfect shade for you can sometimes be challenging, today’s post is going to be your guide to picking your perfect lipstick shade!

Fair Skin

Fair skinned girls have it great when it comes to picking a ‘Bold’ lip that flatters you, but for fair skinned girls, finding the perfect nude can be a real pain.


Pure blue-Red shades such as ‘Mac Brave Red’ lipstick

Red Wine shades or coral Pink reds can also look stunning on fair skin.

Beige colors will also work wonders for fair skin.

Neutral Pinks such as blue-pinks, pure pinks, sorbet or baby pinks. These are Universal Shades and will looks good on almost all skin tones.


Orange shades

Fuchsia Pink shades

Brown with Yellow pigment

and Concealer style nude lips.

Medium Skin

Medium skin will have a more challenging time finding ‘bold colors’ and pale/champagne shades. Pinks and Nudes are easier to find though.


Warm shades or red or rusty red shades

Caramel with yellowed pigment or cafe shades

true Peach shades and peachy pinks

Rose and mauve

Fuchsia pinks


Light browns, champagne or pale colors

Dark Skin


Bluish Reds and Raspberry colors

Plum and Mahogany colors

Brown Shades

Caramel Pinks or nudes



yellow nudes

Simple Neutral Lipstick Trick

A simple trick that Bobbi Brown uses to find the perfect neutral shade is to find a lipstick that is one or two shades darker then your normal lips. This will give you the most natural, but flattering and flirty ‘My lips, but better’ look.

You can find your perfect neutral by apply a lipstick to half of your lips, if it looks about 1-2 shades darker then your natural color without makeup, that is your perfect neutral!!!

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