Quick Look: Matte Neutral eye.

One look that girls often forget to try is a Matte Neutral eye. I wore one today and thought it was absolutely stunning. Yet classic and minimal.

Actually it was so nice two strangers commented on how pretty I was and even my boyfriend said I looked extra beautiful today.

I don’t have pictures, but I’ll talk you through what you’ll need:-)

I persoanlly used the ‘Day Look’ from the Too Faced Natural eye palette (haven’t used this palette in about 4 or 5 months!!) but I’ll just tell you what shades I used incase you don’t have this palette (I’ve done this look with single shadows from various brands just as well)

First: Start out with a flesh toned matte or transparent primer. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my personal favorite choice.

Second: Take a matte yellowed off-white cream color that it just slightly lighter then your skin and apply from your lashline to your brow. This will brighten your eye and make your lids look less tired.

Third: Take a very light matte brown (a light brown with slight yellow beige undertones would be GREAT) and apply to your crease. Feel free to take this shadow a little heavier in the outter corner to create definition in the eye.

Fourth: Lastly, take a medium toned matte brown with a pencil or angled brush to apply this color along the upper lashline. Lightly Smudge and Blur the line to give an unexpected, soft look.

Fifth: Now all that’s left to do is to curl your lashes and apply a coat of a black mascara to your top lashes, and lightly press onto your bottom lashes if you want that extra POP! (I used Chanel Inimitable Intense Black Mascara)

Optional Step: Take a frosty or shimmery highlight color (I used naked Lunch) and apply to your inner tearducts to give your eyes a little extra sparkle!

This look is very simple and classic, but looks very put together and fresh.

Its a minimal look that is great to use when you need a break from your everyday shimmery colors and want your natural beauty to shine through a little bit more.

This look will make brown eyes POP as well, but don’t hesitate to wear it if you don’t have brown eyes. I rocked this look today (and probably will tomorrow) with my blue eyes and got tons of complements.

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