Review: UltraFlesh Black Magic The Jet Black Eyeliner Collection

As promised, here is the UltraFlesh Black Magic eye lining kit review!

I tested this product out for a couple weeks, focusing on the gel liner.

Here are the claims UltraFlesh Makes with this lovely collection.

Black is back with this dark but dreamy set that provides multiple choices for creating sophisticated eye looks at home or on the go. Lecithin and amino acid derived formulas apply smoothly, providing vibrant color and long wear. Plant-derived Squalane adds both application and skin-conditioning benefits. Spherical-shaped powder lends a long-wearing, smudge-resistant, and creamy effect.

The gel liner really is jet black. SUPER BLACK. I don’t think I’ve ever used a liner this dark before. The color beats out all other popular gel liners out there, Fluid lines, Bobbi Brown liners, LOreal Hip, Buxom Lashliner. All of ’em.

Heres a swatchy-swatch

The darkness of the liner may be too harsh for the person who likes a more natural look. I know lots of people complaining of not being able to use it, because it was TOO jet black. I like my liner to be sharp, dark, thin, upper lash-line liner, so the color was perfect for me.

The consistency was wonderful as well! It was super creamy. Probably one of the creamiest liners I’ve owned. It felt lightweight, but was super creamy and thick at the same time. UltraFlesh really hit it on the Tee with the consistency as well. I really did love the consistency. It also had a slight glossy finish that made this liner look to gorgeous and sleek.

If only it would dry. Sadly, I found the gel liner to be so creamy, that it never fully dried. It was really smudge prone and that was really the downfall of the liner.

The creaminess would make it easy to apply, but the moment anything touched it, BAM big black smudge on your eye ball! Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. It was quite annoying, and by the end of the day, your liner had smudged around. I swear.

The staying power wasn’t all that bad, it was just so smudge prone that it was nearly impossible to go a day without it smudging at some point.

I will add however, if you set the liner with one of the Cake/ Powder liners this kit comes with, it would stay, and keep it’s deep dark black color, but you would also loose the slight glossy finish.
I personally am not in love with this gel liner, I would much rather use my Bobbi brown gel liners or my buxom lash liners. Sorry ultraflesh, you lose this round.


Onto the pencil liners, this it comes with two mini super creamy pencil liners in both plain black and shimmer black shades.
These liners work like MAC Technikohl liners, they twist up, meaning you’ll never need to sharpen. Stick liners in general also seem to hold up on your waterline a bit better then the traditional pencil. They are normally creamier and more of a gel or creme liner consistency.

These liners really are no different.
The plain black shade is super creamy about the consistency of MAC Technikohls or Chromalines for reference.
The shade itself isn’t all that opaque. Really not what I expected after Swatching the gel liner for the first time. These guys are much more wearable though, not quite as dark. I did find however, if you just go over your waterline or tightline a couple times, you can get a really sleek deep dark black line that is just about as dramatic as the gel liner.
The shimmer liner has multicolored glitter in it, as you can tell from the swatches. I didnt try this on my water line because the glitter felt a bit too chunky to comfortably sit on my waterline. I did use it on my lashlines though, the consistency is a bit harder and not as creamy as the plain black, bit I feel like thats just from the glitter specks. Not sure though. The pencil didnt tug on my eye though, so it was creamy enough, maybe the consistency of Make UP For Ever Aqua eye pencils! Not bad, not PERFECT though, unlike the plain black.
The color was even less opaque, which I’m almost positive is caused by the glitter, and going over this liner multiple times didn’t seem to help out as much as hoped. Never got as dramatic as I wanted it to. I wouldn’t recommend this.
The staying power was decent, lasted all day on my lashlines, but it was nothing too special.
As I said before, the glitter was too chucky for comfort and I found minimal fall out of glitter when applying, which is never wanted especially in an eyeliner.
Over all, I feel like these liners have some improving to do.

last but not least, the Powder liners!
These liners are wet to dry eyeliners, but are a little too thin to work as good wet cake liners, however, they make WONDERFUL dry powder liners!
I like to take a Sigma flat definer brush and press it onto my lashline to create a nice long wearing eyeliner effect. You would also use these to set the gel liner on either your waterline or lash line, it really helps to keep a gel on all day.

The texture is perfect for a cake liner. The Matte black is a bit too hard of a texture to blend into eyeshadow, but not unmanageable.
The color is fo-sho black. Could be a bit blacker, but the pigmentation is better then literally no joke 90% of the black shadows ive tried in my life.
I really love the long wearingness of this powder too.
The shimmer black powder has smooth multicolor glitter specks in it, it shows up in the powder when used as a liner and looks really dramatic and sharp without overdoing it.
I didn’t have any issues with fallout in this liner either, which was odd after trying the pencils.
The shimmer black is a bit creamer in texture then the matte, but that is always expected.
I know loads of people saying this shade could be used as an eyeshadow, but I personally wouldn’t recommend trying that. The texture is too hard and it wouldnt turn out even.
See, eyeshadows have oil ingredients in them to make them smooth like butter, but cake eyeliners and brow powders do not which is why you should always be careful when using an eyeshadow as a brow powder and vise-a-versa.
Overall, I really think the only item worth purchasing from this kit are the powder liners, the gel isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it over the others on the market.
I don’t love the pencils either.
If ultraflesh ever makes the powders available outside of this set, I would say totally pick them up, in all the shades! Until then, I would say unless you have money to burn, you can hold off on this product.
You can purchase this kit at sephora for only 35 dollars, so you’d be getting a decent price if you just buy It for the powders, but it really isn’t needed. Spend the money on some nice gels from inglot or Bobbi brown!

More Brilliant views of the Product!

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