Drugstore Product Review: Revlon Coral Reef Super Lustrous Lipgloss

I always seem to review drugstore products don’t I? There’s no exception for this one either. However, my next planned review will be on the ‘Ultraflesh Black Magic kit’ So there, something for you guys who are sick of the drugstore reviews to look forward to.

Back onto topic. Today, I’m going to be talking about my new favorite drugstore lip product. Revlon Coral Reef Super Lustrous Lipgloss.

Revlon describes the Super Lustrous lip glosses as

Silky…Sexy…Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer color and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15

I absolutly love the fact that these glosses are SPF 15. Because SPF is so important for summer, having a lipgloss with sun protection in it is always a plus. SPF in a gloss is not the most common thing out there so Revlon did a good job at separating these glosses from the others since the very beginning.

This gloss is very creamy, yet lightweight and moisturizing, leaving no streakiness when initially applied.

I was really impressed when I first applied the product and found how even the coverage was. I tend to steer clear of any drugstore lipgloss for two reasons. 90% of the time they are either streaky and uneven or Sticky. You know it’s really bad when the product is both.

This lipgloss however, felt impressively lightweight once applied. Unlike most glosses out there this one felt like a chapstick on the lips. It was not sticky or tacky one bit. Very different from the MAC lip glasses, this was lightweight and NOT a bit sticky. Comparable to my hourglass or Dior glosses. The product feels like a thick water almost. It is creamy, but at the same time not overly thick, keeping the lightweight feel.

The formula of this gloss reminded me a lot of the Dior Addict Ultra Glow Gloss formula. One applied, they feel like they aren’t even there. They Provide a good shine, but in a creamy sense. This shade has no shimmers or sheen, but look glossy because of the quality of the product. It seems to be a more flat color, without any sheens or shimmer, I prefer my glosses like this. Although, this could be a downfall for people who prefer glosses with a shimmer or sheen.

Staying power is around 5 hours, which is really good for a lipgloss. The staying power is almost as good as the Hourglass lip glosses, only a fraction of the price.

Pigmentation is about semi-opaque on my hyper pigmented lips. Which I really like. I have yet to try this color over a coral lipstick, but I assure you it would be STUNNING and intense.

The shade ‘Coral Reef’ is a bright, poppy mango coral color. It has the right amount of pink, red and orange tones to create a true coral color.

In comparison, it is much more red orange then Strange potion, a very respectable summer coral color, and doesn’t have a pink sheen like Strange Potion from MAC. In my opinion in comparison, Strange potion would be considered a pink instead of a coral.

It’s a cool toned orangey coral with more red orange tones then pink, but there is undoubtfully some pink in there.

In the swatches you can see the glossy-ness that the product gives you. It reflects light really nicely, it seems almost water based in the way that is is so thin yet creamy and reflects light so nicely.

The color itself isn’t unique at all any I’m positive you could find a dupe for this color from any other brand, but the formulation of this product makes up for the unoriginal color. It is however, a gorgeous color, so it’s still nice to have.

Without any gloss

The only downfall I have is I feel like this color wouldn’t look very good on darker skin tones. I feel like if your extremely pink toned, this color might look a bit off on you as well.

Also, I’m not a huge fan of the wand. I don’t like doe foot applicators in the first place and this one seems really hard and soaks up a bit product, the shade isn’t necessarily comfortable against the lips either.

The price is ace as well, I purchased this at WalMart for only $7.89 when this product compares to glosses that retail for $28.00

The packaging is really nice as well, it’s classy and classic. It feels a bit hefty like a luxury gloss would and the packaging itself reminds me a lot of the Chanel glosses. Even though this entire tube only has 0.2 Oz, the price tag and the quality of the product totally overcome the small amount of product this actually comes with.

No wonder it’s a 4.5 star average on Makeupally!

Overall, this product receives an B+ or A!

More pictures!!!

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