Updated foundation routine

Last month I made a post on what my current foundation routine was and how I loved it SO much, well recently, I found myself with a whole new foundation routine and since I don’t have any material for a formal blog post, I would show you my NEW NEW foundation routine.

First, please note that this is a medium-full coverage routine. Even though it’s summer, I don’t spend much time doing summer things such as spending time outside or going to the beach daily. This means I have no reason I can’t wear a full face of makeup.

I will however, do my ‘summer’ routine which would be the routine I use when I go out and do summery things or want a lighter face of makeup for the day. Because as you know, I don’t do a full face of makeup everyday.

Until then, this is my REAL foundation routine. Also, please note this is only my Go-To look, if I am using a different product that day, such as a creme blush or translucent powder, or change up my contour/blush/ highlight routine this routine would be different, this however is my go-to every week day look.

First, I start out with super clean skin. I wash my face twice a day, morning and night. If you would like a skin care routine, please feel free to ask!

Okay, so I start out with smashbox photofinish primer, which is still my favorite primer to date! I love this primer.
I focus this in my t-zone area and undereyes. Then take whatever is left on my hands and apply to my cheeks.

I then apply Benefit erase paste concealer in shade medium to my under eye circles. This concealer is very pink tones and a bit tanner then my natural skin color, which is why I apply under foundation. The darker shade helps neutralize the dark circles better once the correct colored foundation is applied on top. I apply with my fingers.
Next, I apply the Make up for ever HD foundation in shade 110 onto my entire face. I actually use my fingers to apply and blend this product. I find it’s quicker, less wasteful, and gives a better, more natural coverage and finish.
Then, since my undereyes and the rest of my face are the same shade, I apply the YSL Touché E’ clay (sp?) highlighting concealer over top of my undereyes to brighten up the area even further. Then, if I’m feeling extra glowy, I’ll apply on my check bones, nose bridge and chin blend with my fingers.
Lastly, I take a big puddle style powder brush and dust Lancome versatile powder all over my face. I use shade Matte Porcelain. I use this instead of MAC msf natural now days because this powder looks more natural, gives better coverage and I prefer the finish this powder gives.

Since I’m done with the actual foundation part, I will then contour my cheeks using NARS laguna bronzer with a large angled brush.
Then, apply my blush using a blusher brush. I typically use Tarte Amazonian clay blush in ‘Doll Face’
And lastly, highlight my cheek bones using Benefit highbeam and blend using my fingers.

Hope this helped!

Love you all! Thanks for reading!!

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