Lightning Bird Eye tutorial

Yes, this look was inspired by one of the looks that Selena Gomez had in her new music video.

And no, I actually haven’t seen the video or heard it even first hand, but I did see some pictures because a ton of other beauty gurus have been doing looks from the video aswell. Only, mine is more loosely inspired, I did add a bit of Izzi flare with the double wing and slight cat eye on the inner corner. And yes, it did remind me of a bird for some reason.

Finished look. I only did one eye.

The finished look

Sorry the pictures are so small, I don’t know why but it’s not letting me upload it full sized. GRRRR.

Anyways, heres what I did…

First, I applied TOO FACED SHADOW INSURANCE all over my lid and lower lid.

Next, I used the light champagne color from my  HOURGLASS VISIONARE DUO IN GYPSY and applied just to my lid using a Sigma  large flat shader brush.

I then added MAC’S WEDGE EYESHADOW into the crease as a transition color, this is just to make the transition from the last color to the next less harsh. I also but this color into the inner corner, as you can see in the picture above.

And next… I took NXY’ DARK BROWN and applied into my crease as well, but focusing more to the outer corner. Remember to keep the line on the outer corner SHARP! If you have trouble keeping the line precise on the outer corner, feel free to place a piece of tape there to keep from getting off the line. TAPE TRICK FTW. I personally didn’t have to use the tape, since I have had enough practice on getting a sharp line.

Next, I took a flat definer brush and took MAC ANTIQUED EYESHADOW and really packed it into the outer corner, just to darken up the sharp line.

Using the same brush,  I took STARS MAKEUP HAVEN EYESHADOW IN WARM AND FUZZY and used it to make outline you see in the inner corner area.

Lastly for eyeshadow I lightly look SUGARPILL’S TACO EYESHADOW with a big fluffy brush and used as a brow bone highlight color.

For the liner, I just made a thick line on the upper  lashline and flicked it out to a long wing. As for the bottom lashline, I made an even thicker line and flicked it to a thicker wing on the outer corner and made a sharp thick cat eye on the inner portion.

Once the liquid liner dried (I used LOREAL LINUER INTENSE BRUSH TIP LIQUID LINER) I took my MAC SMOLDER EYE KOHL and colored my waterline.

Lastly, I just curled my lashes and applied DiorShow mascara.

I hope you liked this quite simple look. It only took a couple minutes in total:-) Also, comment telling me if you tried this look and how it went!

The finished look

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