Misc: Summer Must Haves!

Hey Guys!

It seems like a lot of people are clueless when it comes to summer makeup and how much to put on, so I compiled a list of makeup related products that I feel are needed to survive the summer!

Remember, less is more for the summer, and lighter fresher faces are always the trend!

First half on the list is makeup survival items and necessities and the second is second half is full summer trends you need to try. Enjoy.

Lets get started!


Thia should replace your foundation for the summer months! Tinted moisturizers give enough coverage to even out skin tones and feel weightless on the skin.

Foundation is too heavy for the summer, because when you sweat, the makeup will melt down and slide around, that’s why when you look in the mirror at the end of the day in summer, you makeup looks like it’s smudged, muddy and faded. Always replace your foundation with a good tinted moisturizer for the summer! PS. Always wear oil free products during the summer time!

I recommend either the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or the OCC TINT from OCC


This will also keep your makeup on longer and will intensify the colors! Apply a primer in the summer to avoid your makeup from fading or smudging from sweating. Use a primer for your eyes and face!

I recommend the Too Faced Primed and Poreless as a face primer for your tinted moisturizer and Too Face Shadow Insurance for your eyes!


Translucent powder is great to set your makeup for the summer and to keep your face looking matte. Use a translucent powder over your tinted moisturizer and concealer. This should replace your regular setting powder. I know for the most part people will use a MAC MSF or a powder foundation to set their liquid makeup, but for the summer, I think it’s best to use a translucent setting powder. This will look more natural, not give any extra unneeded coverage and will be much more lightweight on the skin then a regular powder.

I recommend


Mascara tends to smudge when your eyes water or you get sweaty, and in the summer your deff going to get sweaty. It’s also humid which can cause the mascara to smear as well.

So unless you want to look like a raccoon this summer, invest in a waterproof mascara.

Mascara doesn’t need to be high end, you can get a nice waterproof mascara from the drugstore and almost every formula comes in a waterproof version.

like the Falsies? Lashblast, Voluminous, Collossel, One by One? They all come in a waterproof formula! Pick your favorite!

Now, if you do have a few extra bucks to spend, I recommend the YSL mascara singulier waterproof, but another I enjoy is the Diorshow waterproof.


I feel like coral blushes are a staple for summer looks, it looks very warm and summery and always seems to be in trend! Why do you think MAC puts a coral blush in every summer collection?

Go to your favorite makeup counter or store and find the coral blush that is perfect for you and your skin tone!


Bronzed eyeshadows are such an important summer fashion trend, Bronzed shades are almost universal too, some are more brown, some more gold, some more red, some more orange! I feel like bronze shades look good on anyone are always wearable!

You can play up the bronze and go for a gorgeous bronze smokey eye and hit town for the night, or you could add it subtly by using a bronzed brown shade along with a light champagne for a fun and flirty day time look. Or to be even more secretive you could do a neutral eye and use a golden white highlight color instead of the normal flesh toned highlight!

Bronze shadows look stunning on anyone as long as you find the ones that suite your skin tone best. I suggest checking your favorite stores or counters and get help on finding the best bronze shades with your skin tone!


Light and fresh is a key to summer fashion, and white eyeliner gives you that widening, flirty fresh look that everyone needs for the summertime! White liners open your eyes and make you look more alert and awake! Try it out, really.

I recommend using Fascinating Eye kohl by mac!

Sometimes though, your eye whites are a little more yellow toned then white, this is especially common on people with darker skin tones, if this is the case for you, try are more flesh toned liner sueh as Stila Topaz liner!


Nothing screams fresh and light more then a light pink lip gloss! Instead of lipstick, which might bleed if you sweat or it gets too hot outside, try just using a pinky gloss! This gives you the bright cheery look like no other and is more then perfect for the summer time! Try Pink lemonade by MAC or Turkish Delight by NARS.

I promise you’ll look fresher and cleaner then ever!

Okay so I hope I helped you out! Next time your shopping for summer fashion be sure to try out these trends and tips and make sure to pick up a tinted moisturizer and translucent powder!

Be sure to comment telling me what you though of this post and what summer items your gonna pick up!

Also, should I do more of these types of posts? Or never ever do one again? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Misc: Summer Must Haves!

  1. Totally agree about the tinted moisturizer! Great tips 🙂

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