Popping Purple! Smokey purple tutorial.

The Look

Hey guys! So this is the look I have for you today, I’m super stoked to show you it because I actually did this look last week, but haven’t gotten to upload it until now!

This looks is a Purple smokey with a pop of green and gold! (which doesn’t transfer in pictures too well)

I put off doing this look for a while, because I really wanted to come up with a super catchy, witty name. That obviously never happened, but hey, it totally describes the look right? Haha.

So anyways, this is a pretty simple look, and just like the last one, I’m going to explain what I do, step by step, just because I think it’s a bit more understandable.

lastly, before I start, I forgot to take pictures of my face, so you can’t tell whats on my lips and cheeks, but I’ll tell you anyways, just so you know. Also please note, these pictures were taken 5 hours after I originally did the look, as I did it for a competition I did for figure skating and didn’t have time to take photos until later. (Holds up nicely!)

Oh, also, you may notice I basically only used MAC and Napoleon for this look, thats actually just because those are the brands I went to when I picked out colors for this look since both has such nicely pigmented products. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t use anything from NARS, considering that’s my favorite brand, but it doesn’t matter because I’m super happy with the way this turned out!


First thing I did was prime my lids using Urban Decay Primer Potion. Blend it into your lids up to your brow bone.

Now, apply  Make up For Ever’s eyeshadow in 135, all over your lid using a flat shader. This is a satin finished medium pink color. LOVE IT.

Then, take Mac’s stars’n’rockets and apply to the outer half of your lid using a flat shader brush. Blend into the pink.

Now, apply Napoleon’s loose eye dust in ‘Million Dollar Mermaid’ into the inner 1/4th of your lid and inner tear duct. This will just brighten up your eye and make you look alert and awake. Blend into pink as well.

Next, take MAC’s shadow n ‘Vibrant Grape’ and apply into outer 3/4ths of your crease.  Use a 222 Blend out nicely.

Take MAC’s shadow in ‘Nocturnal’ and apply to the outer 1/2 of your crease and outer corner, blend down in your outer corner. Use the same 222 brush.

Now take Napoleon’s Shadow disc in ‘Black Velvet’ (favorite shimmery black) and lightly use it to deepen up the outer corner. I used a pencil brush to do so. 

Finally, take ‘Shroom’ as your browbone highlight color and use it to lightly blend out harsh edges. Use a fluffy blending brush!

For eyeliner I used Napoleon’s Nio Neor liquid liner and apply a medium thick line on your upper lashline.

Add Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liner in Distortion. Looks pretty much green on the eyes, but iridescent  in the tube. So pretty.

Lastly for eyes, I curled my lashes and applied Napoleon Mesmer-eyes mascara. Now, this mascara is tricky, but for shows and performances really makes your lashes pop. The brush is like a comb and takes a while to apply, but a MUA used it on me once and I was hooked.


This is simple, just applied Napoleon ‘Blush Patrol‘ on my cheeks. This is a blush, bronzer, highligher hybrid and is BEAUTIFUL.


For this look I used my MAC dazzleglass in ‘Funtabulous’

So thats it! Heres another picture, but I hope you enjoy and comment telling me if you like me doing these more colorful tutorials and if your gonna try it out!

Another view:-)

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