My Favorite Mascara: Drugstore and High end

My all-time favorite Mascara

Hey guys! So today I decided to share my all time favorite mascaras!

Basically, in this post, I’ll show you my favorite drugstore mascara and my favorite High end mascara. To be quite honest, they could be dupes for eachother:-)


First the High end mascara! My all time favorite mascara is the YSL ‘MASCARA SINGULIER NUIT BLANCHE – WATERPROOF’

This is my all time favorite mascara, I absolutely love it. The reason I love this mascara so much is that it gives my lashes volume and length. This mascara is very dramatic, but dries to a soft full natural finish, unlike most mascaras that leave my lashes stiff. The mascara doesn’t give as much curl as claimed, but does everything else it claims to, plus it holds curl, so if you curl your lashes before applying, your lashes will curl like no other. This mascara really gives you doll like fluttery lashes. The wand is really strange though, and you have to be careful of clumps, Canadian Beauty did a post a while back about this mascara, saying the trick is to twist the wand as you apply. This trick works AMAZING. You get beautiful lashes with just one coat.  From the picture above, you can see the length this gives my lashes especially. CRAZY!  I will forever repurchase. This mascara costs $30 dollars and is available at most Sephora’s, Nordstroms, and Sax 5th Avenue. Another great thing about this mascara, is that it’s formulated to last longer then most, this mascara is useable for up to 6 months, not the usual 3. I promise this is sanitary, really bacterea shouldn’t be an issue for this mascara for up to 6 months. ! It won’t dry out either. Promise, more for your money though!

L'oreal Million Lashes mascara

So, my favorite drug store mascara is the ‘L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara’ This mascara, essentially  does the same thing, the wand is much different, and a little bit easier to use, so it’s easier to throw this mascara on without worrying about clumps. It’s my favorite drugstore mascara, even better then the Falsies in my opinion! Only issue is that it makes your lashes very hard and can flake if your not careful. This again, does the same as the YSL, only to a lesser more wearable/daytime extent. This mascara is around 15-20 dollars cheaper then the YSL price varies from store to store and is available at more ULTA’S and drugstores.

Now, is the extra 20 dollars worth it? YES! oh my gosh yes. If you have the extra money to fork out on this mascara, I totally recommend it and encourage you to at least try out the YSL mascara, plus, it comes in a waterproof formula (what I have)

If you can’t afford the YSL, don’t feel bad! It was really hard for me to give up that money for a MASCARA. I think that the Million Lashes mascara will do you find if your looking for a mascara that does the same thing!

Here are a couple photos of the mascara tubes itself. They look similar, with the goal packaging,




L'oreal Wand

Thanks for reading guys, don’t forget to comment telling me what your FAVORITE mascara is!

Also, I have a daytime pink and brown makeup look that I’ll be posting soon!

Please leave your blog post requests in the comments! What should I write about next?!

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