Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Product after 5 days

After seeing ‘Juicystar07’ rave and rave about the ‘Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips’ I decided I had to try them out and give an in-depth review of them.

I was actually very hesitant to try them out at first because my friend who is super obsessed (And amazing at painting them BTW) with nails said she didn’t like them. Finally I had to give in a try them.

They are available at most drugstores, I bought mine at a local Walgreens. They range around 10 dollars in price and come with 8 different sized strips (Two of each size) to insure a universal fit. They will fit  both toes and fingers because some of the sizes are meant to fit toes. It also comes with a cuticle stick, a nail file, and a nail buffer.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that they really do smell like nail polish.

They come in long strips and you stick them to your nails and file off the extra polish.

Application is pretty simple once you get the hang of it too.

My final opinion on them?

I do like them and I plan on buying other patterns, if your not good at painting your nails, these are great for you.

They come in 24 different designs and colors.

  • Misbehave (a fishnet design, and my favorite so far)
  • Laced Up (a blue-black florally lace pattern)
  • Booty Camp (a multi tone pink camo pattern)
  • Collide-o-scope (a bright multi colored camo type pattern)
  • Squeezed (a monotone bright burnt orange)
  • Electric Shock (a neaon like reflective yellow)
  • Grove (a more yellowed lime green)
  • Teal with It (a Bright sky blue)
  • It Girl (A generic Hot pink)
  • Cry Baby (A light pale pink)
  • Flower Girl (a bright flowered pattern)
  • Fly with me (A white base with multicolored butterflies)
  • Kitty, Kitty (a brown toned cheetah print)
  • Wild Child (a black and white zebra print)
  • Blue Ice (A shimmery-glittery blue)
  • Raise a glass (a shimmery nude champagne color)
  • Glitz Blitz (a gold glittery color)
  • Bling it On (a pink glittered color)
  • Check it out (a black and white checkered type pattern)
  • Skinny Jeans (a dark blue jean pattern)
  • Cut it Out (a black and white flower design)
  • Frock Star (a bright multi colored glitter color)
  • Red-y for trouble (A bright flat red)
  • Don’t Get Catty (A pink cheetah print)

I like how they don’t need a dry down time too!

The color range is very wide, so you are certain to find a color you’ll like.  My favorite it the lacy design and the fishnet ones, sure to be my next purchase.

On a side note: the pink matches Finger Paints ‘I’m a Survivor ‘ perfectly. I painted my toe nails to match!

Matches 'I'm a survivor' by Finger Paints PERFECTLY

They seem to last a while too, at day 5 I noticed minimal chipping and on day 6 when I finally took them off, they hadn’t seemed to chip anymore. They seemed to stick to my nails quite well, which I was worried of since most stick on nail strips like to fall or tear off within a day or two.

Once they get on the nails they have a slight gloss to them, as a top coat or satin finished nail color would have. Making them look like normal nail polish, the texture was also pretty glossy and felt like normal polish. I even had several people ask how I painted the cheetah spots on so well! Haha, they felt very light on my nails as well, as if it was normal polish. They didn’t feel heavy or like acrylics whatsoever.

Getting them off was a bit of a process though, it came off in layers. I had so scrub my nails with remover before it would budge. The way it came off was quite comical though. First, it lost all glossiness, it became totally matte after a minute of scrubbing, then came off the design and I was left with a layer of white stickiness. Finally, all the polish came off. It really protected my nails though, they looked very nice and strong after I took them off, so these must be somewhat protective.

The only thing I have to complain about it the packaging. It has a clear film that is a PAIN to peel away from the polish strip, and then it has a silver tab that you have to tear off in order to stick the strip to your nails, and you have to be careful not to tear or pull on the actual strip while removing the film or tab, because if you’re not, it could tear the polish strip!

Overall, I would give this product an A-.

It has a few issues as far as packaging and removal, but the strip it self is OUTSTANDING.

I am in no way affiliated with any of the products listed in this post. I paid for all the products myself and give this post my 100 present honest opinion.

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One thought on “Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

  1. I love that pink leopard pattern! I have heard a lot about this product, but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I will have to give it a shot soon! 🙂

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